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DOWA METALTECH is engaged in business of Metal Processing, Electroplating and Thermal Device Technologies. This business is one of DOWA's 5 core business segments, comprising its unique resource recycling loop with nonferrous metals, electronic materials, heat treatment and environmental management & recycling.

DOWA's strip products of copper, brass, copper alloys and nickel-based alloys are contributing to applications of automotive & consumer electronics and industrial equipment. Particularly, DOWA's high performance alloys provide customers with excellent properties such as high strength and superior stress-relaxation with adequate electrical conductivity and bend formability. Also, DOWA's reflow-tin plating technology offers customers a better solution in automotive applications as well as its precious metal electroplating technology.

In this way, DOWA METALTECH meets market needs with its specialized products and excellent technology. Our motto is "Metal Solution".

Products and services

DOWA METALTECH offers several superior copper alloys with excellent combinations of electrical conductivity, strength and stress-relaxation properties. NB109 and NB105 are the global standard copper alloys for automotive application. C7035 and Ti-Cu alloy (YCuT-FX) are becoming standard alloys for telecommunications and consumer electronics applications. There are other various copper alloys for automotive bus bars, fine pitch connectors and thermal devices. For these alloys, DOWA provides whole processes from melting to strip coil finish in our own plants.

Also, DOWA offers reflow-tin plating based on customers' request. In request for higher thermal resistance and lower insertion force, DOWA can offer Advanced Reflow Tin Plating.

Furthermore, DOWA offers precious metal plating such as gold, silver, nickel and tin on reel-to-reel basis for automotive and electronic applications. DOWA also can offer various ranges of plating including selective plating such as spot and stripe.
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