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Isabellenhütte is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical resistance and thermoelectric alloys for temperature measurement and a well known manufacturer of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

Precision measurement systems from Isabellenhütte set the industry benchmark for current, voltage and temperature measurement in cars and trucks, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as in industrial and renewable energy generating systems.

As a globally renowned specialist and technology leader, our innovative products consistently redefine the state of the art while showcasing Isabellenhütte’s technical and innovative capability.

Our success is driven by the continuous development of innovative products, new technologies and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

In addition, we concentrate a wide range of production steps and proprietary technologies in-house.

Products and services

Low ohmic precision and power resistors, conventional and SMD technology. Customised shunts for high current applications (busbar, punch grid, battery clamp).

Optimized shunts for energy metering market, standard as well as customised solutions. Low ohmic Manganin® resistors for battery and energy management in cars and trucks. Precision current, voltage and temperature measurement and sourcing devices for using in labs and support applications. Complete current and voltage measurement devices for busbar mounting.

Current and voltage measurement units for assembling in customize measurement systems f.e. datalogger, battery management systems, hybrid control moduls.


  • Control device in the automotive market

  • Power hybrid moduls

  • Current sensing and control in automotive applications

  • Frequency converter

  • AC-DC and DC-DC converter

  • Switching power supply

  • Users of precision measurement parts for thermal and electrical applications
CMx series

CMx SMD resistor series: High stability, even at low levels of performance. The CMx series meets the market demand for reduced technical performance and is available in the standard sizes 2512, 2010 and 1206. The new resistors work in the temperature range from -65 to 170 °C, making them suitable for both industrial applications and as components in vehicle applications. In the automotive sector, they comply with the AEC-Q200 specifications and fulfil the criteria of RoHS 2011/65/EU.

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BVx series, SMD resistor for high current applications

- Up to 15 Watts permanent power
- Constant current up to 300 A (0.1 mOhm)
- Ultra-low resistance values
- Ideal for mounting on DCB/IMS substrate
- Standard solder pad size
- Made from electron-beam welded composite material

Advantages/user benefits
- 4-terminal connection (BVR, BVB, BVN)
- Suitable for soldering temperatures up to 350 °C/30 secs
- High load capacity
- Very good long-term stability

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Bus bar components in composite material for high current applications

- Up to 30 watts permanent power
- Low resistance current sensors
- Very good long-term stability
- Bus bar mounting
- Made from electron-beam welded composite material
- AEC-Q 200 qualified (BAS, KVM), further parts in preparation
- Suitable for soldering temperatures up to +350 °C/30 secs
- High permanent and pulse power rating
- Solderable and weldable

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