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About us

OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH is a modern, midsized
machinery manufacturer with strong international
character headquartered in Wettenberg, Germany.
More than 30 years of expertise in the field of optics
processing machines, in combination with ultramodern
process engineering, has made us one of the world’s
leading manufacturers in the area of optical machinery.
We offer our customers the world’s most
comprehensive range of machines for precision optics
like CNC and non-CNC high-speed
generators/polishers, 5 axis machining centers,
centering, plano/prism, rod, cylinder, aspheric and
coating machines, Astro optics generators to 2m,
interferometers, autocollimators, IBF and software. We
can provide machines, technologies and processes for
nearly the entire spectrum of optical materials: whether
soft materials for laser applications or thermal imaging
systems are involved, or hard materials like quartz and
sapphire; whether glass, ceramic or metal – OptoTech
offers a suitable technology.

Products and services

OptoTech offers the following types of processing
machinery: Generators Polishers 5-Axis Machine
Centers Centering Machines Traditional Machines
Machines for Raw Part Production Cementing
Machines Metrology (Interferometers, Stitching
Interferometers) Coating Systems Moreover OptoTech
offers all the consumables needed for optical
production as well as software solutions and
processing technology.

High aperture NC-controlled polishing machine for
spherical optics up to diameter 80mm and max.
aperture 120°. Can also be used for smaller production
runs and prototyping.

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SM 130 CNC

Generator for Pre- and Fine Grinding Spheres or
Aspheres (requires optional software package).

Further reading

MSI 50

Multifunctional Stitching Interferometer for testing high
aperture spheres up to diameter 100 mm. Moreover, as
an option, plano surfaces up to diameter 100 mm can
be measured.

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OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH
Sandusweg 2-4
35435 Wettenberg

Phone: +49 641 982030
Internet: www.optotech.de
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Contact person

Matthias Pfaff
Director Business Unit Precision Optics
Phone: +49 641 98203819
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OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH India Branch Office
505, 5th floor, Station Road
400 086, Vidyavihar (W) Mumbai

Phone: +91 22 66710393
Internet: www.optotech.de
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