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  • Reliable

    Our most important objective is to achieve what German engineering has always been known for: ensuring our laser machines meet the highest standards of reliability. For us, this means not only the highest quality in design and processing, but also optimal functionality in daily use.

  • Durable

    Our top priority, aside from technical optimisation, is a fundamental tenet of the German tradition of mechanical engineering: durability and the highest processing quality. In our view, the best way to achieve this is to base all our manufacturing in Germany.

  • Complex

    Our focus on traditional mechanical engineering values does not in any way mean that we reject technical complexity. Optogon offers three classes of industrial laser machines, which cover a wide range of applications, from simple to complex, and various processing sizes. In addition to standard solutions, we can also offer highly specialised custom solutions.

Products and services

To optimise our laser machines, we had to go back to the drawing board more than a few times. It took decades of experience in the development and production of laser machines to allow us to recognise and rethink weak points and areas with potential for development.

The result is three classes of laser machines that combine proven concepts with new technical solutions. We don’t claim that they are technological revolution, but rather an intelligent evolution in many engineering features.

That might not mean much by itself, but together they add up to an optimised product with a high level of reliability and durability.

S series: Work field 410 x 110

M series: Work field up to 710 x 510

L series: Work field up to 910 x 710

S series

The Optogon S series was specifically designed for laser marking and laser engraving of small to medium-sized parts in small batches.

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M series

The Optogon M series was designed for laser processing medium-sized workpieces with a depth of up to 500 mm or palleted workpieces. The width of the workpieces can range from 510 mm (M400) to 710 mm (M600).

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L series

The Optogon L series was designed for laser processing large or palletized workpieces up to a size of 1310 x 710 x 400 mm.

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