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LASOS designs, develops and manufactures high quality gas, diode and diode-pumped solid-state lasers from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared with special focus on OEM applications in Biophotonics, Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and Holography.

Besides original equipment manufacturing LASOS is also a reliable partner and supplier for research and educational institutes.

Products and services

In the last decades lasers have become one of the key technologies in nearly all fields of industry and science. Many modern applications are only possible due to the unique properties of laser radiation. It is the ambition of LASOS to build high quality products to supply industry and research with the best tools for manufacturing, measuring, analysis or inspection.

Highly qualified staff and a closed chain of development, design and manufacturing enables LASOS to adapt customer’s requirements and deliver customized solutions including laser modules, optomechanical systems and fiber technology up to system solutions. So LASOS has become the world’s leading supplier of laser technology for confocal microscopy.

LASOS laser technology helps to:

  • Detect cancer and other diseases

  • Encrypt the DNA to improve health care

  • Analyze emissions to help protecting our environment

  • Inspect component parts to assure constant quality

  • Measure small length variations in construction site
    and many more.
LASOS He-Ne laser series

•Long life, low noise and high stability
•Excellent beam quality
•Customized models
•Single- or multi-mode
•Randomly or linear polarized

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LASOS LDM-XT laser series – the next generation laser diode modules

LASOS LDM-XT laser series – the next generation laser diode modules
•Designed to fulfill specific customer's needs
•Modular concept
•Compact and robust housing
•Best price-performance ratio

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LASOS System series

•Multi-wavelength modules and beam combiner
•Different designs for compact and flexible solutions
•Benchtop devices and fully installable sub-systems
•Free beam or fiber output
•Different options for beam collimating and combining

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News & Innovations

Brighter future for He-Ne lasers

The He-Ne laser has become the heart of high precision instruments in a wide range of applications.

Many customers rely on the high beam quality, the excellent spectral properties and the unrevealed price performance ratio of the LASOS He-Ne laser series. Following its “Last Source Strategy” being the last supplier of high quality He-Ne laser tubes and modules in OEM quantity, LASOS has made and is still making considerable investments in machinery, tools and skilled people in order to maintain high volume He-Ne laser manufacturing.

LASOS is also able to provide customising and replacement modules for different suppliers. Test samples for a variety of models are available. Please refer to our He-Ne laser section and contact us for details.

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