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The applied laser and photonics group (alp group) is an academic research group with a strong background in laser micro and macro material processing, additive manufacturing, polymer Bragg based sensor technology as well as optical measurement technologies for surface and material characterization.

Equipped with the latest industrial machinery for laser material processing, for additive manufacturing, for manufacturing and testing of Bragg based sensor elements as well as an extensive equipment for surface and material characterization, the alp group is strong partner for industrial and academic research.

Let us build cooperations for developing new and innovative solutions in the laser micro and macro material processing, additive manufacturing or optical senor technology.

Products and services

As an academic research group, we are interested in cooperation with academic researchers from all over the world to apply for project funding.

Beside this, with our know-how in laser material micro and macro processing, additive manufacturing and optical sensor technology and our extensive equipment we are also interested to develop innovative applications together with industrial partners. Our industrial machinery ranges from different ultrashort pulse laser machines with up to 200W average power and 100fs - 15ps pulse duration to continuous emitting machines with up to 4kw laser power.

In the area of additive manufacturing we own, for example, different machines for selective laser melting including one hybrid machine with selective laser melting and high-speed milling. We also own machinery for material after treatment, for example, a hot isostatic pressing for densification with high pressure and heat.

Surface Modification

Ultra short pulse laser induced periodic surface structures for modification of friction and wear.

Hybrid additive manufacturing process

A hybrid process of selective laser melting and high speed milling enables the production of three-dimensional metal components with a very high surface quality. Typical fields of application for metal components produced by this method are in the area of medical and aerospace technology.

Planar Bragg Sensor

Planar polymer optical Bragg sensor for different kind of applications like strain, temperature and humidity sensing as well as evanescent field refractive index sensing. The shape of the sensor can be produced variably with respect to the application.

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