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GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors to the Limit

One of the slimmest memory card connectors in the market with a push-push ejector type, the MEM2075 has released by GCT. Making it a super-slim option for engineers where there are space limitations and height is a defining feature in their designs ,the MicroSD connector has a profile height of...

Exhibitor: Karl Kruse GmbH + Co. KG

Karl Kruse supports you in component obsolescence management

Would not it be easier to co-operate with a supplier that has committed itself to maintaining its availability indefinitely? There has been enough advice on managing obsolescence and obsolescence or end-of-life, and has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years. We all know that these...

Exhibitor: Karl Kruse GmbH + Co. KG

GPS Active Embedded Microstrip Antennas

Finding the ideal antenna configuration to ensure a systems wireless reception can be a challenge. Our engineering team can help identify important issues that will influence the antennas efficiency such as ground plane size, mounting methods, board layout and port measurement. We will assist...

Exhibitor: Karl Kruse GmbH + Co. KG

Brighter future for He-Ne lasers

The He-Ne laser has become the heart of high precision instruments in a wide range of applications. Many customers rely on the high beam quality, the excellent spectral properties and the unrevealed price performance ratio of the LASOS He-Ne laser series. Following its “Last Source...

Exhibitor: LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH

Preforms based Diffusion Soldering = PFDS400®

Pfarr present its novel composite materials under the trademark PFDS400 ® (Preforms based diffusion soldering technology for high temperature applications: above 400 °C). The composite materials concerned consist of alternating multi-layer systems of leadfree solder and high melting...

Exhibitor: Pfarr Stanztechnik GmbH

Solder preforms on tape and reel

>>THE TIGHTEST TOLERANCES TO ENSURING YOUR PRODUCT'S QUALITY<< The pin-in-paste technique is the process of soldering pin-through-hole components using surface mount technology otherwise known as through-hole-reflow. Different suface components require differing amounts of solder....

Exhibitor: Pfarr Stanztechnik GmbH

JEC Innovation Award 2018 for research project HyBriLight

The use of composite materials for ground transportation was in the spotlight at the JEC event 2018 'The Future of Composites in Transportation' on June 27 and 28, 2018 in Chicago. On June 27, Dr. Alexander Olowinsky, Fraunhofer ILT, accepted the 'Future of Composites in Transportation 2018...

Exhibitor: SCANLAB GmbH

Scan System Intelligence for Mass Production

he excelliSCAN scan head reliably meets the toughest requirements for laser micro-machining and additive manufacturing. Well-timed for LASYS in Stuttgart, laser deflection and positioning technology leader SCANLAB GmbH announces series production of its high-end excelliSCAN scan system. This...

Exhibitor: SCANLAB GmbH

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